Punjabi Daily Newspaper – October 25 2011

Daaku or Sevadaar?

October 25 2011

Punjabi Daily Newspaper

UPDATE: In July 2012, Ranj Dhaliwal wrote asking for clarification from the Akal Takhat (God’s Throne) in Amritsar India if his retaking of Amrit would hinder his Seva with the Sikh Khalsa Panth. The letter on Akal Takhat letterhead dated August 2012 states that Ranjit Singh (Ranj Dhaliwal) is not hindered in any respect, but has been authorized to partake in Panj Pyare Seva during an Amrit Sanchar (be one of the 5 Beloved Ones administering the Amrit during the Sikh initiation ceremony). This Adesh from Sikhs’ highest religious and political authority Akal Takhat lays to rest any questions regarding Ranj Dhaliwal and the Sikh Khalsa Panth.

Ranj Dhaliwal interview published in the Punjabi Daily Newspaper. Click on image to view larger.

Punjabi Daily Newspaper October 25 2011