October 2008

Who’s the Bad Guy?

October 2008
By Ranj Dhaliwal

Isn’t the bad guy the rule breaker, the lawbreaker, the criminal, and the gangster?

Break a rule. Break a law. Become a criminal. Become a gangster. How thin are the lines? Is there a difference between the rule breaker’s mentality and the gangster’s mentality?

Rules are made to be broken. Laws are meant to be bent or broken. Criminals are ones who commit crimes. Gangsters are drug dealers and murderers. Heard any of these before? I hear them on a weekly basis and that’s why I want to speak about them.

Alright, so you’re going to balk at me for using this one: When you cross the street on a red light, even though no cars or cops are around, are you breaking the law? That speaks the same of: If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Let me go further: If you bump into a parked car and leave a mild scratch and no one sees or hears it, do you need to report it? To go even further: If you sell items online or through newspapers and make a profit, do you report it as income? Now, if you middle a drug deal, are you a gangster?

Do all individuals commit crimes? If everyone commits crimes then why all the complaints that criminals make their proceeds from crime? Do we only jail those that get caught committing crimes, even small ones as speeding, or do we only jail those that live off the proceeds of crime?

A gangster’s mentality is one of going beyond breaking rules and committing crimes on to using violence and strategy to get what the gangster wants. It may be that the person wants respect or money, but whatever they want or need they will not hesitate to use force.

A gangster’s mentality is not that of a gang or a mob. These guys can operate alone, which is what they are doing nowadays. When a gangster works alone or with a group they have to be on top of their game when doing business. Negotiating prices, finding new scams and basically figuring out ways to expand their personal business is what it’s all about.

Many times people have approached me telling me that gangsters can’t operate without their gang. Well, a gang is a company, which has its own president, executives, managers, etc. These businesses, crews, gangs, whatever someone labels them as, have employees, and those employees go from one job to another depending on where the most money is, which makes them independent.

When a person is faced with a problem, they will try to figure it out. The cost of living in Canada is going up and these youngsters are realizing that they will not be able to afford a house, so they turn to a life that makes better money. A life of money, fun and danger. This is a mix that makes a regular person mature to a gangster quickly.

Here’s another matter that some youths have brought to my attention. The youths turned wannabe gangsters that weren’t gifted with good looks and those that don’t do well in school deny that it is their fault. They claim that the easiest way to get attention is to become a gangster, or at least act like one. They score some cash and realize they don’t need to work or attend school anymore, so they spend their time in the gyms and clubs. Both gyms and clubs are full of the opposite sex looking to get picked up by someone with a nice bankroll.

Where does this mentality come from? It has become a societal norm to have loads of money or make it look like you have lots of money by showing off expensive purchases. The music videos depict this lavish lifestyle and most celebrity shows are portraying the same message. Criminals attract the types of girls that want easy money, and those girls want the same lifestyle they see on TV and the internet. The media publishes the amount of money these gangsters make, including their recorded assets, and they also report on how easy the criminals are getting off. So, the females know who has the money, and the gangsters know that females are attracted to the gangster lifestyle only because of the money.

The next time you decide to make a purchase on a vehicle, think about the youths – your children – and then make the decision. Do you really need a massive high-end SUV or even a brand new loaded luxury car? Those that have a need to prove something may, but the rest of us don’t. Our youths see this and mimic it. Who else put it in their heads that they need a truck that seats 10? If you think your purchase of that massive SUV will not influence the youths, then think of the impact your driving will have on the environment.

While driving, please think of the laws you’re breaking. If the police aren’t watching, your children might be. When walking across an intersection, try not to cross on a red light. If you brush me off and do it anyway, try not to complain about the way criminals live because you, too, are one. Live by example.

So, who’s the bad guy? Is it the one that’s trying to survive in this money crazed world or is it those that have shaped this world as a money crazed, asset ridden world?

Until next time …