News 1130 Radio – September 9 2014 – Another BC gang arrest tied to Alberta

Another BC gang arrest tied to Alberta
Expert says it’s more proof organized crime is capitalizing on that province

September 9, 2014

By Anita Bathe – News 1130

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – An arrest of another BC gang member who has ties to Alberta is more proof our organized crime groups are capitalizing on that market, according to an expert.

With so much growth and money in Alberta, it makes sense for gangs to further pursue that province says Author Ranj Dhaliwal.

“They’re coming through BC and heading out to Alberta using the British Columbia connections to secure footholds in the Alberta region.”

Dhaliwal says with some recent arrests it’s becoming more obvious that this is a growing problem.

“A lot of the organized crime members, they do still reside here in British Columbia but to set up shop somewhere else you can’t just do it remotely. You have to send people there to reside there to live there and to actually conduct business on a day to day basis there,” he explains.

In July, some Red Scorpions were picked up in southern and central Alberta.