News 1130 Radio – October 29 2016 – Will gang attacks become more brazen?

Will gang attacks become more brazen?

October 29, 2016

By Mike Lloyd and John Streit – News 1130

Lower Mainland (NEWS1130) – We’ve seen some bold attacks over the past couple of weeks and a very gruesome roadside crime scene, but one gang expert warns things could get even worse in the coming years.

Author Ranj Dhaliwal says gangsters care less and less about conducting very violent business in public spaces.

Daylight shootings, attacks in crowded streets — Dhaliwal says we used to see contracted hits conducted in parking lots in the middle of the night, but now targetted shootings happen anywhere at any time of the day.

“And we’re going to see it get worse. In the next decade we’re going to see a lot more of this stuff happening,” says Dhaliwal.

He says gangsters are getting bolder.

“They’ve already set a precedence, these gangs, and they’re not going to back off from that. They have to show off how tough they are, how mean they are, and this is the way they’re going to do that. And they’re going to keep doing that.”