News 1130 Radio – March 11 2015 – Three shootings in less than 24 hours are linked: Surrey RCMP

Three shootings in less than 24 hours are linked: Surrey RCMP

March 11, 2015

By Martin MacMahon and Joanne Abshire – News 1130

Surrey (NEWS1130) – A trio of shootings in Surrey within 19 hours were all connected, according to the RCMP.

Surrey’s gang unit is now involved in the investigation looking into the violence which left two men injured.

Sgt. Dale Carr says everything points to three related incidents, based on conversations with two 20-year-old men shot and evidence collected from two of the three sites.

“Both [men] were treated and released, ultimately, after they were treated. So, they don’t have life threatening injuries. Although, I can tell you one of the males, certainly, was within inches of being severely injured or killed.”

Tuesday’s drama began with a man dropped off at the hospital with gun shot wounds at 4 a.m. It ended with Mounties responding to calls about shots fired at 128th Street and 76th Avenue at 11 p.m.

Will we see more shootings?

Crime educator and author Ranj Dhaliwal doesn’t think there’s a gang war on, but that doesn’t mean the violence will end.

“With this lifestyle, the underworld gangster lifestyle, there is always a resurgence, where it comes and goes in waves. At one point it’s heated and people are shooting at each other, and you have to remember, they can’t always find their mark as well. Weeks can go by, months can go by, and they’re looking for a target and they find or get them in the right spot and we see a shooting.”

He says boosting the force in the city or even increasing funds for the gang unit won’t help.

“You could put a thousand police officers on the street at one time this could still happen because these guys have a reason to shoot each other.”

His solution, is to start with education in schools, targeting kids before they reach 17-years-old, and letting them know about the dangers of gangs which can lead to drugs, jail and death.