Metro Vancouver Newspaper – October 17, 2006 – B.C. author probes Indo-Canadian gang culture

B.C. author probes Indo-Canadian gang culture

October 17, 2006

By Jeff Hodson – Metro Vancouver

First-time Surrey B.C. author Ranj Dhaliwal hopes his novel Daaku, about the rise and fall of a fictional gangster, will create a dialogue within the Lower Mainland’s Indo-Canadian community.

“All anybody ever hears about are media reports about the gangs and the killings,” Dhaliwal said. “I wanted to talk about these things in a novel and – hopefully – have the community clarify things to their children, to each other.”

Dhaliwal said many Indo-Canadian parents are unaware of their children’s true lives.

“They don’t want their community to look bad. So they don’t talk about things. The problem with that is that people hear rumours, but nobody asks if they are true.”


Daaku, Punjabi for outlaw, charts the rise of Ruby Pandher through the Indo-Canadian gangland of the early 1990s. It appears in bookstores on Oct. 23.

By Jennifer Gauthier – Metro Vancouver