May 2010

When You’re Wrong, You’re Wrong

May 2010
By Ranj Dhaliwal

As per the title, there is no point in covering up your mistakes. “Cover up” is the key word here, and anything covered up can and will be revealed.

You’ll be the better person, maybe not to everyone else, but at least to yourself if you admit your wrongs. I, for one, give credit where it is due and when I’m wrong I’ll admit my mistake whether intentional or not.

A cover up is a lie and lying is one of the worst things we can do in this world. You may think fraud is, but isn’t a lie a form of fraud? The only time we lie is when we are afraid. If we don’t have fear then we wouldn’t lie.

Lately, there have been many slanderous remarks being spread about me. I was told years ago that when I become a public figure many will spread gossip and rumors about me. People have spread rumors about me my entire life, so this is nothing new. The thing that astonishes me is that those that are supposedly role models to the citizens of this country are involved in much of the defamatory comments being slung around. Some of them include professionals that families go to for advice, and others are those that are it high positions in society. They put up a false face when they are collecting their wealth, but then they spread lies behind their backs.

Okay, enough about me. There is much to learn about liars. Plain and simple: liars are cowards. They are afraid to admit their wrongs because they are afraid of what society will think of them. Believe it or not, those that admit their wrongs are respected more than those caught in their lies. We see it all the time in the news with public figures when they are busted doing something we consider wrong. If you watch the news, these people will rarely ever admit they are wrong, and then you hear their excuses. Their excuses add more to the lie, which they aren’t fooling us with. As we have seen, those that admit their mistakes are applauded and forgiven.

In this society we must live amongst liars though, so how are we able to change since telling lies is considered a norm in this day and age? Some have stated to me that you just have to be a better liar to get ahead, but I have to shake my head in disgust about that mentality. Here is a quote in regards to slanderers: “By their own efforts, the slanderers have destroyed all remnants of themselves.” – Sri Guru Arjun Dev Ji.

To put it plain and simple, a person is afraid of the individual they are spreading lies about. It may be their success, their fame, or the fact that they are just a better person, but there is something for the slanderer to fear because they are trying to ruin one’s reputation for their own personal gain. Someone that is missing something in life spreads lies.

The next time you’re considering telling a lie, ask yourself: What are you afraid of that you have to lie? Are you really that big of a coward?

Until next time …