March 2010


March 2010
By Ranj Dhaliwal

Eternal Love
My love for you
Comes naturally.
My heart sings
A song of it
So beautifully.
The song will
Echo in eternity.
~ Ranj Dhaliwal

Days of Laughter
I miss those days,
Those days of laughter.
The days gone by
That will always be sought after.
The past cannot be changed.
Look forward with a smile
And be brave – don’t be a coward.
For the future is better
Than those days gone by.
Don’t waste away
Just say good bye
To those days that you miss …
Those days of laughter.
~ Ranj Dhaliwal

Wandering Love
My eyes have not wandered,
Nor my heart strayed.
My love for you is strong,
And that’s how it will stay.
~ Ranj Dhaliwal

Goodbye Kiss
I like your smile and the way you think
With a heart like yours one’s can only sink
Into the abyss of your eyes
It is so difficult to say goodbye
Surprise you with a rose
Just to see how much your face glows
These are the days that we will miss
Sending you off now with a goodbye kiss.
~ Ranj Dhaliwal

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