February 2010

Back by Popular Demand

February 2010
By Ranj Dhaliwal

Well, here I am firing up Ranj’s Column once again. I’ve had numerous e-mails about getting my column back online. I have to thank all those that have sent their ideas on what to write about, but I’ll start things off with updates on yours truly.

If you’re on my website, you’ve likely noticed I now have an online store. The Ranj Dhaliwal Online Store has taken a lot of time to put together and will have a variety of items for all to enjoy. For those that find the original art pricey, I’ve decided to make prints of those works and have them at a fraction of the price of the originals, so that you may all decorate your homes and offices with my paintings. I’m sure I’ll walk into a doctor’s or dentist’s office and one of my paintings will be beautifying their walls.

Other items in the Ranj Dhaliwal Online Store are autographed copies of my novels, and Limited Edition Autographed posters. The posters are limited editions because I no longer have that look. Next month will be an exciting month with the launch of my own … I’ll keep you in suspense on that.

Also to note is the Ranj Dhaliwal Foundation. I’m not going to write too much about the foundation as it will speak for itself with what we’re going to do. The foundation will start off with writing contests and scholarships. We thought it would be a great idea to give away prizes for your writing submissions. The scholarships are going to be a little different as we’re going to offer scholarships for those that truly need them. Some people are just book smart and are straight “A” students, but what we are looking for are those that are able to maintain a good standing at school, and balance other life responsibilities at the same time. We will have scholarships for single parents that are truly motivated to get back on their educational paths while raising their families.

The Ranj Dhaliwal Foundation was formed with those that need assistance in mind and not just for those that have the knack for writing great grant proposals and are just “geeks” at school. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being a geek. I’m sure some would think that I’m a geek sitting by my lonesome enthralled in my imaginary world writing up the stories that I come up with.

I hope my readers didn’t find this too long of a wait for me to restart my column. Again, thanks for those that have requested me to continue writing this column.

Until next time …