Daaku Series – July 29 2014

Daaku Series

July 29, 2014

Surrey, BC

Author Ranj Dhaliwal hints at releasing novels Daaku: Gangland and Daaku: Gang Related back-to-back.

With the success of two novels in the Daaku series under his belt, Ranj Dhaliwal may be hinting at releasing two more novels in the series closer apart than his previous releases. “Due to the overwhelming amount of requests I get from my readership on releasing my next novel, I just want to say that after the release of Gangland, they probably won’t be waiting the five years between novels like it has been done in the past,” says Ranj Dhaliwal. “The amount of positive feedback I get when I’m out in the public and at speaking engagements is unreal. I enjoy hearing the parts that my readers loved in the novels, which makes me want to get the stories out to them sooner.”

Daaku was first released in October 2006 and readers waited a full five years before Daaku: The Gangster’s Life was released in November 2011. The real question everyone is after, besides the release dates, is if the sequels to the first two will follow Ruby Pandher or if the torch will be passed on to another protagonist. Ranj comments, “I don’t want to give the story away, but I think the titles tell their own tales. But, just like the past, I’m not going to reveal too much information on Gangland or Gang Related just yet. You’ll have to wait for the official release announcement for that.”